Tourist places rates

An overnight stay at the campsite costs in 2024 based on 2 people, 1 caravan, 1 car € 32,- (May till August) and € 29,- (April and September). This is inclusive electricity, shower, hot water, Wifi and taxes. On the price list you can see what amounts we charge for children, dog, camper, etc.

When booking from 2 nights and when booking multiple places, we ask you to pay in advance. You will receive the bill approximately 1,5 months in advance.

You are welcome from 2 p.m. in the afternoon on the day of arrival .

On the day of departure you must leave the campsite before 12 o’clock . If you want to leave between noon and 6 pm (in consultation), we will charge 50% of the extra night rate. On departure after 6 pm (in consultation)we charge an extra overnight rate.



Rates 2024
Adult (from 13 years) € 10,01 * p.p.p.n.
Child (from 3 to 12 years) € 8,01 * p.p.p.n.
Dog € 5,00 p.n.
Camper/caravan/tent ** € 6,00 p.n.
Additional small tent € 4,00 p.n.
Extra car € 2,00 p.n.
Electricity € 4,00 p.n.
Toerist tax € 0,99 p.p.p.n.

(Price changes reserved)

* In April and September a discount of € 1,50 p.p.p.n. applies.

** A discount of € 3,00 p.n. applies to cyclists with a small tent if they spend the night on a field for tents.

Camping 5

Showers and hot water for washing dishes are included in the price.

WIFI is free at our campsite.

Vekabo terms of delivery

Season rates

In 2024 a seasonal place costs € 2.095- . This is based on 2 people, 1 caravan, 1 car, including shower, hot water, taxes, 9% VAT and WIFI but excluding electricity. Electricity is billed based on the number of KWh actually consumed at the current rate per KWh.

(Price changes reserved)

There are no more (pre)season pitches available for the 2025 season.

For seasonal places you must pay in advance. Please contact us for this.