Events Brielle

Brielle is a beautiful historic town.

• Every first Sunday of the month is shopping Sunday. The stores are then open from noon to 5 pm.
• Every Monday there is a nice weekly market.
• the 1 April celebration in Brielle . Everything in beautiful medieval atmospheres and lots of spectacle.
• Around Lake Brielle on 19 until 21 June, the Brielse Meer Spektakel. With a fleet and fireworks.
Brielle behind the front door is a special theater festival in people’s homes on 27 June.
Brielle Blues in the city center has various stages with live music on 25 and 26 July.
• On 1 August stories are told in the city at the Storytelling Festival.
Sparkling Brielle on 29 August, with lots of activities and fireworks and illuminated boats in the evening.
Bigband festival on 19 September.

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